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You love life, life is precious, life is a miracle, and death is a mirage … However, have you ever thought about your last day, about the last messages and words of love? about the last image you will leave behind? about the serenity you would like to see on the face of your beloved ones? about your last clothes for the Passing?

Just take a little time, a moment of silence to consider your last moments and prepare your funeral way in advance while you are healthy .

A universal adventure

This is a commonplace sentence, a tautology: Life is birth, living and death. Well! But the last day is the worst, this is the great questioning of Humanity since its emerging, no one can tell when it’ll happen.

However as a path leads to the top of a mountain, as a river flows into the lake, as a sandstorm conceals a lost city in the desert, irrevocably this last day -death- will be the common fate of human beings but the memory will go on .
Keeping alive the memory of ancestors will help their descendants to draw the map of their lives in thousand ways and to find their roots. This heritage will be a settled clock in time to find rest and to comfort each other.
This is our part of eternity on Earth - being remembered in the heart of those who loved us.

A personal adventure

I am a pediatrician. In my medical practice, I wanted to heal, of course, but, first of all it was to prevent and communicate to, eventually, relieve future sufferings.

As a matter of fact, my greatest wish with this site would be to help you, assist you in not be afraid of the last day of your life and shift your apprehension in: "Yes, ok! I considered, accept and now I get on with it, feeling free to live, good or bad, that’s my life … "

And because a whole life is necessary to prepare the serenity of the last day, you will find, under a section titled "A little philocalia"( from Greek- meaning love of what is beautiful), texts that can be written in this purpose.
This site loves Life.

You will read texts explaining why it is important for our peace of mind and for the peace of our loved ones to leave the world in a ceremonial death -dare we say it- clothing rather than in any of our formal attire for the living.
Our final act of symbolic value could be to choose and wear soberly a plain linen cloth of soft and natural color, symbol of dignity and simplicity showing that we let ourselves be stripped of our material goods, of our joy and our pains.

In the authentic rural region of Provence people used to think about death with serenity. There was a folded linen sheet with scent of lavender, ready to use for the next deceased person. It was there, in the cupboard, and no one touched it.
You will read too about a controversial subject in Sacred History, the Holy Shroud that mysteriously travelled down the ages.
There are so many things to say about death rituals and rites. Because burying their dead is an essential marker of humanity, this subject is vast, and so is the number of funerary practises in human societies. You will find a summarized mini-guide and anecdotal examples illustrating this.
Nowadays in the West there is no specific rule and we do what we want.
 But at the end of the 20th century, from a patent to facilitate a technical act, was born the thought of a respectful care to our very  last moment, in simplicity and a kind of universal humility...
Why? ... for many reasons, for medical reasons, for spiritual ones, for environmental ones ... but mainly it is a winding-sheet to leave the world drawing order, harmony and beauty.

A dream? An adventure? Something bold? A possibility? It is on us to make it a reality, and to go for OUR adventure ...