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Life and passing

The world is changing, the deadline remains.
From the Patent, to help paramedics, to reflection on the serenity of the last day, my approach was naturally drawn by the taste of everyday life, savoir-vivre and work, art and esthetic, not to mention that motivation and strength were born of mutual esteem with others, the spirit turned to other horizons ...

"Così tra questa
Immensità s’annega il pensier mio:
E il naufragar m’è dolce in questo mare".
("L’infinito", Giacomo Leopardi, italian poet, Recanati 1798 – Naples 1837)

"Amidst this immensity my thought drowns:
And to flounder in this sea is sweet to me."
(source of the quotation: gotpoetry.com)

Life, a flow, a “nothing to say” but a whole story.

Life can be seen such as an ocean of stormy waves (without any strap, tie, hardship ... !) With huge highs and frightened lows or else seen as touchy and smooth waves, a simple thrill on surface, maybe a bit tepid.
It can be seen also such as an ox, a shapeless mass and being blind without watching to the shadows details or such as a heavy, massive, steady rock whithout seeing the blade of grass that aims to grow in the slot and still this is the strength of life-giving .

Life can be seen as a store where to walk around but on an identified loop reaching the exit.
Everything is based on organized frustration, we run on the illusion that we can be satisfied with material goods, new things, to make plans of whatever, fulfilled vacations, no lacking … our inner being is contaminated by the “intoxications of civilizations” (Edgar Morin).
So, we go around life such as in a supermarket, the itinerary is planned, exactly the same for everybody without the possibility to locate the shortcuts or the side paths for escape from overabundance, the unnecessary impulses-needs, we move forwards without finding what we’d want and take something else that’s coming up.

Life can be lived as a celebration, the discovery of ongoing unexpected for what one only has to focus on the signs, to be gentle and awake. Freedom appears then in the decision, in the intended and chosen act, in the wonder and acceptance without judgement. We’re not in victim mode.

One can live on the ridge to the equilibrium point, between to valleys , no not the tears one but in changes ! moving from one to the other.
Be careful! In the want of living too much, we become blind, we force on our vital capital and thus we exhaust of our vitality, we seek too much to body and mind.

We want to feel alive no matter how and in the fear of death we don’t live anymore.
We forget serenity , ebb and flow on the warm sand shore. We’re afraid of dying and not of living? And so , where is the right balance? Why does the happiness cursor constantly vary?

I’m very fond of Marcus Aurelius : “ Give me the strength to change things I can , the serenity to accept things that are and the wisdom to distinguish one from the other. “

Claude Marie Paoli, F. Gémenos, July the 2 nd 2018

Never alone in sharing emotions

Ahis pipe covered with labels of visits, a few meters after the exit of a museum.
Astonishing! the idea of the first to have started this collage ...
and the totem built by the anonymus visitors passing by.
All together in prolonged joy!

Claude Marie Paoli, F. Aix-en-Provence, July 2018

A smile

A smile costs nothing and produces a lot.
He enriches those who receive it without impoverishing those who give it.
It lasts only a moment but its memory is sometimes eternal.
Nobody is rich enough to be able to do without it … and nobody is too poor not to be worthy of a smile.
He creates happiness at home, he is a support in business and the sensitive sign of friendship.
A smile gives rest to those who are tired, gives courage to the most discouraged, consoles the sadness.
It is an antidote of nature for all the sufferings.
However, it can’t be bought or lent, or stolen because it is something that has value only from the moment it is given.
And if, sometimes, you meet a person who does not give you the smile you deserve, be generous, give him yours,
because no one needs as many smiles as one who can’t give them to others.

Claude Marie Paoli, F. Scolca, Corsica, august 2018