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1"The Life of Death", The Life of Death, a touching animated movie about the day when Death fell in love with Life or ... how Death comes peacefully to seek Life, waits, regrets ... then Life, one day, accepts ... Film created by Marsha Onderstjin, published on YouTube in February 2016. Marsha Onderstjin is a Dutch artist. She studied 2D animation at St Joost Kunstacademia in Breda. http://marshaonderstijn.com/portfoli

2"A Baby’s First And Last Gown" : on the website of Our Better World, Singapore, a video of the Angels Hearts, women who have joined together to make tiny clothes for stillborn babies, baby's last moments, wrapped in love ...

Site : https://www.ourbetterworld.org/en/story/baby-last-moments-wrapped-love

3Hal Elrod, Personal development speaker who loves life deeply, is the author of "The Miracle Morning". One or two hours to yourself, very early, in the morning, to prepare an active and motivating day.
Here, his return on stage just after his treatment for cancer ... Posted on YouTube.

4"Le temps et la mort" : Martin Steffens, Martin Steffens, professor of philosophy in khâgne ( second year of preparatory course for arts section of the École normale supérieure), author, lecturer and newspaper columnist.
Recording Alliance VITA, University of Life, Feb. 2018. "Time, a countdown that oppresses us ... but time is not just an hourglass, it must be taken from within to offer itself to life, open to others ... successfully give way ... and consent to the mysterious time of the end of life, time of forgiveness, wisdom, reconciliation "-Time and Death: Martin Steffens, Alliance VITA, Feb. 2018

5"La vie en temps réel" : François-Xavier Bellamy, is an associate professor of philosophy, professor of literary preparatory classes, politician, lecturer, author of books and press forums, and regularly speaks on radio and television in talks and debates
Registration Alliance VITA, University of Life, Feb. 2018. "Time is only visible on the watch ... the present does not stop ... our life keeps on escaping us ... the present is the space of our attention, it is essential to be attentive to the present to fully enjoy things ... We live and this is the gift of the infinite present ."

6--"Can we think of time without death?" : François-Xavier Bellamy - WikiStage AntiCafé.
Posted on YouTube, Sep 2013: "It's hard to think about your own death". We are afraid of the passing of time, we try to fill it by all sorts of emergencies to live because it brings us closer to our agonizing death. Let's think about life, yes, "If time is running out, then every moment is precious"